Motors & Pumps

On-site motor & pump repair

Anchor Electric Motor provides sales, installation, and service on AC/ DC Motors and Pumps.

We offer mechanical repairs, rebuilds, and remanufacturing. In the event that an AC or DC motor requires any type of repair or restoration, our in-house rewinding department is ready. We strive to perform complete overhaul to repair motors and pumps to a like new condition.

Our repair specialists can also perform onsite maintenance, inspections and repairs with preventative & predictive services; installations, repairs & laser alignments. By inspecting a system in its natural working environment, our technicians can measure output and more accurately analyze an electric motor in the context of its entire system. Our advanced diagnostic tools can help identify an array of motor problems.

MOTOR repair capabilities:

  • Incoming inspections, electrical insulation testing, photographs, mechanical measuring of all fits and surfaces.
  • Pressure wash cleaning and temperature controlled baking ovens ensure that all AC/DC motor parts are handled with extreme care and professionalism.
  • All mechanical components are either pressure washed or set in our aqueous parts washing machine.
  • Upon completion of cleaning and baking all AC/DC motor and generator windings are thoroughly inspected for deterioration, damage and wear.
  • Complete full insulation testing such as Baker surge testing, hi pot testing, core loss and rotor bar inspection and testing.
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PUMP repair capabilities:

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  • On site and in shop service and repair to include: bearings, seals and or packing replacement
  • Impeller and shaft inspections, measure for wear, cracks
  • Complete restoration to new conditions, to include: impeller and casing, wear rings, shaft, bearing and deal areas
  • Dynamic balancing
  • NDT testing for cracks
  • Modifications and/or remanufacturing to factory specifications or better.
  • Metal spray/ plating, welding, machining and sleeving to name a few of our well rounded repair capabilities
  • Sandblasting and epoxy coating for erosion/corrosion protection along with significant improvement of a pump operating efficiency

REWINDING capabilities:

  • AC Repair- stator and rotor restacking
  • DC Armature Restacking
  • Wound coils for Motors
  • Coil Armature and Rotor Rewinding
  • Temperature controlled burn off ovens
  • Curing Ovens
  • Winding Machine
  • Varnish

TESTING capabilities:

  • Meggers
  • AC Hi- Pot
  • DC Hi-Pot
  • Surge Testing
  • Bar-to-Bar Testing
  • Ohmmeter

Reach out to get on our annual inspection schedule or for a quote on repairs.