Hoists & Cranes

Hoist & Crane Inspections

Providing OSHA-compliant safety inspections & certifications

Our Hoist and Crane inspections are designed to assist you in complying with safety regulations set by OSHA in order to keep a safe workplace. Our inspection program is designed to assist in the frequent and periodic inspections on your lifting equipment. Inspection results and corrective action suggestions are part of the inspection.

We are able to perform service and repairs as well as performing load testing, installations, replacements, surge testing and preventative maintenance.

OSHA requires that all active cranes be annually inspected. Daily or weekly usage wears important crane components. This wear can lead to a breakdown — or worse, a dangerous failure that puts you, your team or your company at risk.

Routine inspections can help identify potential problems and address them before a costly or irreversible incident occurs.

Reach out to get on our annual inspection schedule or for a quote on repairs.